The Weather Channel Using Mixed Reality To Showcase Climate Change

Climate change is here, like it or not, and cities around the world are already dealing with the effects of rising seas, changing weather, and a sense that all is not right in terms of our global climate.

Understanding some of the impacts can be difficult, however, and visualizing them harder still. The Weather Channel has begun using immersive mixed reality to showcase some of the weather scenarios we may see in the future, and they’re quite scary, to be honest.


Their reporter is shown superimposed over a number of places in the US, either many years in the future, or here in 2019. Using realistic visual effects, they’re able to give you a sense of the impacts that rising sea levels will have on cities like Charleston, South Carolina, and Norfolk, Virginia.


We are fearful about what the future holds, especially if leaders like Trump turn a blind eye to the problem.  Hopefully visualizations like these will help change public opinion for good, and turn up the pressure for governments to take climate action seriously. Via The Verge: