VW’s ID Buzz Van Shown Outfitted with Full Camper Layout

VW made a splash when it finally revealed its retro-futuristic van, the I.D. Buzz.

Styled like an updated VW camper van of the 1960s, the ID Buzz is all-electric and has plenty of room for families and friends on a road trip.

But until recently we hadn’t seen the van outfitted the way people have customized their vintage vans. A collaboration between Love Campers and Wild Drives, we see a fully kitted camper van, with a built-in stove, sink, and a convertible couch bed. Utilizing solar plus the car’s large electric battery, the camper has all-electric appliances, making it a truly zero-emissions camping experience.

With ply laminate, a bamboo ceiling, and clever storage touches, the van’s interior shows the promise of this new era of RV adventures, and we’re sure there will be more to follow.

The ID Buzz is currently on sale in Europe and will be sold in North America in early 2024. Custom conversions with Love Campers and Wild Drives start at £17,000 ($21,450).