VW’s Retro Futuristic Van Finally Arrives

Though it’s been rumored and shown in concept form for several years now, the long-mentioned successor to VW’s famed Bus van is finally ready for production.  Called the ID. Buzz, the van is all-electric, and is the spiritual follow-up to the much loved bus of the 60s and 70s.

As you can see below, the new version isn’t a perfect facsimile of the original, but it takes a number of design cues, from the two-tone appearance to the squared-off sides, to the oversize VW badge.

The ID. Buzz will come in a number of variations, from this normal wheelbase version, to a longer wheelbase version (destined for the US), and a cargo version. We hope that VW will offer a camper version in the future, which could feature some of the delightfully packaged camping benefits, like a stove, sink, or even an elevated sleeping area.


Inside, the van features a colorful, open interior, with the same digital displays as used on VW’s recent EV offerings.  There are some clever interior items, like a removable center console, and a number of hidden ‘Easter eggs’ throughout the van.

Range hasn’t been discussed, but we imagine it will be in the 250-300 range, depending on configuration.

The two-tone color scheme continues on the inside, giving the ID. Buzz a splash of color and fun.

The ID. Buzz seems like a great spiritual successor to the original Bus/Vanagon, and we hope the emissions-free version is as popular as the originals were.

Buyers in Europe will be first to get the Buzz, with sales starting in the fall. The US sales come later, arriving in 2024.

Learn more on VW’s website.