What Is Color? A Vibrant Exploration with Eddie Opara

The notion of ‘what is color?’ opens up so many other questions, it’s hard to know where to start.

Adobe has commissioned a series of design fundamentals videos, which tackle these broad, almost abstract questions, with beautiful visuals by animation firm Oddfellows.

Eddie Opara, a highly respected graphic designer and partner at Pentagram narrates the video, and walks us through the fundamentals of color, and how various hues and shades of color can influence mood and energy.

The short video is made stronger with the fluid and lovely motion graphics, which bring a vintage yet timeless feel to the subject matter.  Directed by Jarratt Moody and animated by the team at Oddfellows. Be sure to check out their other great animation, as well as other Foundations from Adobe.

Really great stuff. Via JM: