LEGO Goes for Broke With Their Largest And Most Fated Set Ever, The Titanic

Well, they say the Titanic wouldn’t have the same fate if it sailed today, purely because there are so fewer icebergs for the ship to hit. So maybe this massive new LEGO set will also avoid the fate of the real Titanic, and become a smash hit.  It sure has the credentials to back it up.

The largest set the company has ever released, the Titanic model is over four feet long, comprised of over 9,000 pieces. It has an incredible level of detail, from lifeboats, swimming pools, the grand staircase, and so much more.

With working anchor, engine room, and more, the Titanic faithfully follows the original, making it as much educational as it is fun.

The model even splits apart in several parts to reveal the interior. Let’s just not think about how the real ship also broke apart before it famously sank.

Coming soon, the LEGO Titanic is priced at $630, making this a big investment for all but the most diehard LEGO fans.