What It’s Like to Live Inside a Rainbow


By refracting light through carefully arranged colored theater gels, artist Liz West takes us on a journey inside a rainbow, albeit within an empty architectural space. The artist describes her work, entitled Entitled Our Colour:

“Most people rarely have the experience of being completely immersed in pure colour. I observe that after moving through the space – walking, running, dancing – and experiencing every colour, people often go back to the colour they find most comfortable; they will then stand, sit or lay there for some time to reflect.”

Excellent execution, we want to immerse ourselves in the color and stash a little away for a cloudy day. Via CreativeBoom:

living-inside-a-rainbow-1-moss-and-fog living-inside-a-rainbow-2-moss-and-fog living-inside-a-rainbow-3-moss-and-fog living-inside-a-rainbow-4-moss-and-fog living-inside-a-rainbow-5-moss-and-fog