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Our friends at Grove have created a great line of wood products that protect your tech. Starting with bamboo phone cases, they’ve expanded to laptop cases, phone docks and the like. Now they launched a very cool laptop/tablet sleeve made from wood and wool. It’s a beauty.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.19.29 PM
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.22.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.21.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.20.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.19.53 PM

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If you’ve ever been the Banff or the Jasper area, you know the jaw-dropping glacier views are pretty spectacular. The colors, the scale, the pristine and largely untouched beauty is second to none. But if you’ve ever asked yourself why there wasn’t an enormous glass skywalk jutting 90 feet out of the mountain, your prayers have been answered. The Glacier Skywalk, from Brewster Travel Canada is set to open this month, and it looks pretty great. Hope you’re not afraid of heights! Via DesignBoom:GSW_vertical_tallgkw glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-02 glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-03 glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-04 glacier-skywalk-jasper-national-park-canada-designboom-05

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nick meek photographs flower petals in HD

I’m heading to Costa Rica this weekend for a vacation, so naturally this post about flower petals exploding all over the Costa Rican countryside caught my eye. Sony has a great video in their series of ‘colour’ ads that showcase the vibrancy, and in this case, great detail of their 4K tvs.

nick meek photographs costa rica covered in flower petals for sony

Via DesignBoom, the ad is created by creative agency McCann, and filmed by photographer Nick Meek.



nick meek photographs flower petals in HD

nick meek photographs flower petals in HD





Space is cool. Space is infinitely vast. But we’ve barely stuck a pinky into the vastness of space, visually. The Hubble space telescope was a major step forward for humanity, allowing for some incredible peering into the past, at galaxies and nebulas and quasars and all manner of amazingness.  Now comes the next giant in space telescope exploration, the Thirty Meter Telescope, also known as the TMT.  To be built on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano, deep in the Pacific, the TMT is, as titled, thirty meters across, 14 stories tall, creating by far the largest mirror on the planet. This giant contraption will allow for up to six times the optical power of Hubble, even though its on earth, and not in the blackness of space. It should be astounding what the Thirty Meter Telescope can see, when it is operational in 2020.

Via DesignBoom:


A photo from Hubble. What will the Thirty Meter Telescope show us?

thirty-meter-telescope-TMT-designboom-02 thirty-meter-telescope-TMT-designboom-03 thirty-meter-telescope-TMT-designboom-05 thirty-meter-telescope-TMT-designboom-07 TMT-largest-optical-telescope-designboom

TMT Overview from Thirty Meter Telescope on Vimeo.

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The first shot fired in the smart watch war was either the Pebble or the pseudo-smart iPod Nano in a watch band. Since then, a number of companies have attempted some very interesting and lame entrants, few of which have caught on with any kind of vigor.  Lately though, as rumors of a fully-fledged Apple iWatch heat up, the biggies of the tech world are starting to invest in their own ‘watches of the future.’ The latest, announced this week, is the Moto 360, utilizing the just-released Google Wear software.  Unlike nearly all of the competition, the Moto 360 is elegant, thoughtful, and actually looks like a watch you want to strap on.

Moto 360_Lifestyle_Map_hi res

As a designer, I immediately gravitate toward the Moto 360’s form factor, which has been around for centuries, and looks classic on the wrist. Indeed, I imagine there are some designers at Apple this week that are pretty pissed that Motorola got here first.  Understated, versus the chunky, often ghastly industrial design of those other smart watches, the Moto 360 eschews things like cameras and visible sensors, which in 2014, takes some real restraint.

Moto360_Hero_full view_Metal_RGB

The watch is too new to be reviewed, but it relies heavily on Google Now, which is entirely voice-driven, similar to Siri.  Part of me hates the idea of always barking commands at my wrist, but we’ll see how the watch operates, and how intuitive the software really is. I’m also very curious to know how a circular LCD is created.  Nice work, Motorola. You deserve a slap on the wrist…

moto360-3 moto360

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Ben Foster is a sculptor from New Zealand, making geometric animals that are larger than life. Via MyModernMet:

From Foster:  “My works are a culmination of the natural and the manmade – a careful balance of form and motion.”

Ben Foster website

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Artist Josh Lewandowski really likes drawing diagrams. Even if they have no real meaning or context. His work is both humorous and begs the question, what is art? Do “work drawings” become art if they don’t actually represent something work-like? Either way, his drawings are fun and thought-provoking.




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The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

Rinspeed is a Swiss company that tunes cars to make them faster and sexier. They call themselves a creative think tank for the automotive industry. Now they’ve taken a Tesla Model S and turned it into a driverless car of the future. The XchangE is only a concept, but it gives us a glimpse into what may be a realistic vision just a handful of years from now.

Matching sweaters aside, what do you make of the legs-up approach to your commute? Via Jalopnik

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

Read more about the Rinspeed concept over at Green Car Reports

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live InThe Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

The Rinspeed XchangE Is A Crazy Driverless Tesla You Can Live In

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