A Beautifully Bottled Hot Sauce


Packaging design is always fun to cover, and we’re impressed by the conceptual design for Rubedo Hot Sauce by Stefan Andries.  Deep red in color and bottled in a lovely rounded sandblasted glass vessel, the hot sauce is sealed with a cork and then boxed, giving it a high-end look and feel.


Photographed lovingly in a scene that makes it feel like old-fashioned alchemy, the Rubedo brand is elevated with small details in the design, like a paper tab on the label and clever pictographs on the box interior.  Great design work, via The Dieline:


“Meaning ‘redness’ in Latin, Rubedo was the word adopted by alchemists to describe the fourth and final phase in their Magnum Opus and their quest of creating the Philosopher’s Stone.

Based on a secret recipe, using homegrown chili peppers and some basic alchemy skills, Rubedo is a hot sauce like no other.”