This Company Wants to Turn the Gin World Upside Down

Forty Spotted Tasmanian Gin wants to approach things differently. Inverted, you might say. In one of the most stunning liquor bottles we’ve seen in a while, the brand features a ridged design with a highly distinctive logo. And oh yeah, the entire bottle is inverted, standing upside down on its equally stylized cap.

We love creative bottle design, and this one is a sure standout. Billed as coming from “The Bottom of the world”, the design is cheeky and memorable. For us, the judge of a great bottle design is if you can’t bear to part with it when finished, and reuse the bottle for something else. We definitely feel like Forty Spotted hit this note.

Via The Dieline:

“Tasmania is a place where the people are uniquely shaped by nature & vice versa. The climate is inhospitable, the coastline is pummeled by uncompromising seas and annual rainfall clocks in upwards of 3m. But on an overpopulated planet, this kind of wilderness is increasingly rare. Welcome to the world of Forty Spotted, a world class Tasmanian gin of unexpected character.”