A Better, Greener Shoebox

new shoebox moss and fog cover

Online shopping has made shoe shopping into a super quick and convenient experience. Companies send you a box, and within that box is another box, holding that brand new pair of sneakers. But the waste that comes along with that convenience is real, and growing. We’re using more cardboard than ever before, and even though most of it is recycled, it uses lots of energy to reuse and repackage. Not only that, but regular shoeboxes are poorly designed, with most of the space being empty and unused.  A better, more eco-friendly option is needed. And thankfully, Viupax is here to help solve that issue. A smart, compact form, Viupax eschews much of the excess packaging in favor of a small form that adequately protects shoes, while using 20-57% less packaging, and 20-50% less volume. That means more boxes in each truck or cargo plane, less emissions, and so on. In addition, the box doubles as a carrying case with handle, meaning no bags needed (if you buy in store), and the cutouts in the packaging allow for quick reference of style. If that weren’t enough, the packaging stacks beautifully, and also can be opened in a way that allows for it to be a display stand. All in all, a clever and helpful way to reduce packaging waste, while letting you indulge your footwear habit. Via The Dieline:

new shoebox moss and fog 1new shoebox moss and fog 2new shoebox moss and fog 3