A Colorful Mind – Carlos Cruz-Diez

The famed Venezuelan-born artist Carlos Cruz-Diez died last week in Paris, at the age of 95. He will be best remembered for his love for, and genius with color, and the eye-popping exhibitions he created in galleries around the world.


Born and raised in Venezuela, the talented Cruz-Diez found his way into the world of art, always inspired by the way color and form shapes objects. Working as a creative director for McCann-Erickson, Cruz-Diez eventually moved to Paris, where he would make his home, and become a French citizen.

Below are a collection of photos from his work, Chromosaturation, which seems just as impressive and  relevant today as it was when the series debuted in 1989. Godspeed.

BZqYAf4carlos_cruz_diez_cromosaturacion_1965_2008_image_8_low_rescarlos_cruz_diez_frame_122_11carlos-cruz-diez-1170x780CHROMOSAT MUSEOSOTO HRdefine-art-2017-Carlos-Cruz-Diez-Chroma-2"Chromosaturation" by Carlos Cruz-DiezCarlos Cruz-Diez