Adorable Micro Dwelling by Felipe Campolina

The world of tiny homes is alive and well, and every few weeks we see examples of new, innovative ways to utilize small spaces in very attractive and livable ways. This micro-dwelling by Felipe Campolina is a lovely departure from some of those more boxy versions, with an A-frame type look, though with many more modern updates. Meant for easy deployment and setup, the home, entitled Refuge HT may be tiny, but it’s packed with features and charm. Via Behance:


For this micro-habitat we proposed a fast construction system, using prefabricated blocks associated with small sections of steel that organize the main structure like a large truss, defining a basic module with 40 m² in total. The side facade is highlighted by the structure rotated at 45 degrees from the floor in a triangular shape which also gives good stability to the building.