After Being Stranded in Peru for Seven Months, This Japanese Tourist Finally Visited Machu Picchu, Solo

Traveling to Peru in early 2020, Japanese tourist Jesse Takayama found himself stranded in the South American country due to the global pandemic. Indeed, he spent seven months in the town of Aguas Calientes, unable to go home, and unable to visit his dream destination, Machu Picchu.

Finally, seven months later, the tourism board has allowed him to visit the famed Machu Picchu, as the first tourist back to the famous destination.

Takayama was able to visit the beautiful historical site by himself, an unheard of experience for a destination that regularly gets millions of visitors a year.

Via JapanToday:


“He had come to Peru with the dream of being able to enter,” a representative said in a virtual press conference. “The Japanese citizen has entered together with our head of the park so that he can do this before returning to his country.”