An Eggless Egg Made from Mung Beans

We’re intrigued by the new generation of plant based proteins and meat substitutes, as they do a much better job of mimicking the taste and texture of their animal counterparts. Ā šŸ³ šŸ„©

There are a slew of companies working on meat alternatives and even lab-grown meat, with varying degrees of success. Ā Some of them are on store shelves now, and some are still years away from public consumption.

Just is a company that has an egg-alternative made from mung beans, which seems promising. Their marketing does a good job of convincing us that plants can make a good facsimile for your everyday items like eggs.

They certainly look the part, cooking up into a fluffy scramble like you’re familiar with. In terms of taste and texture, it sounds like it’s a bit of a mixed bag, not fully as silky or rich as eggs, but definitely tasty and edible. And when topped or added to an ‘egg’ sandwich, they become almost indistinguishable.

With no cholesterol and using far less resources than animal protein does, it seems like a step in the right direction, for your body and the planet.


“It took us 5 years to find it, but we found a plant that magically scrambles like an egg. It’s a protein-rich legume called the mung bean. Mung beansĀ have been in the global food system for thousands of years, butĀ they’ve never been used quite like this.”