Redefine Meat’s 3D Printed Steak Aims to Battle The Real Thing

The alternative meat industry is booming. Companies like Impossible and Beyond Meat have had stellar years, creating compelling vegetarian versions of things like burgers, sausages, and ground beef.

But many other companies are hoping to go after the holy grail of the meat world – the steak.  This complex piece of meat has so far proven elusive, even for those that are trying to lab grown meat under controlled environments.

Israel-based Redefine Meat is attempting to create a 3D printed steak, complete with ‘muscle’, ‘blood’, and ‘fat’, the components that makeup a beef steak.

The finished steak being cut before cooking.

The plusses of beef alternatives are obvious – much better for the environment, taking only 5% of the resources that traditional beef needs, and better for your health. Not to mention the whole killing animals thing.

But the challenge of creating a compelling, delicious product are high, and choosy consumers will have the final say.

Redefine Meat can currently print up to 13 pounds of ‘steak’ per hour per printer, but plan to quadruple that output next year.

We’re eager to see not only how good their printed steaks are, but if people will readily take to this eco-alternative. The planet would gladly accept the help.  Via Business Insider:

Redefine Meat’s holy grail – a real steak. 

Their 3D printers in action, a bizarre look at the ‘steak’ in the making.

“There is an amazing industry of alternative meat that is focused on minced meat. And actually the meat industry is driven by the whole-muscle cuts,” CEO Eshchar Ben-Shitrit told Reuters. “Steaks, roast, slow cooking, grilling — everything that an animal can do we want to do the same or even better.”

A finished plate, looking quite appetizing.

The global alternative-meat market is projected to reach a value of $8.1 billion by 2026.

A closeup of Redefine Meat’s steak. 

Another look at the finished product.