Are Burgers Made From Kelp the New Eco Alternative to Meat?

We didn’t say the future wouldn’t be weird, did we? Indeed, it’s amazing think about the food advancements in the last 10-15 years, and the things that seem commonplace today surely weren’t back then.

Kombucha was thought of as strange and gross not too long ago, as did kefir, tofu, and a range of products that we take for granted today.

So what’s so strange about burgers made from seaweed?

Akua is placing a bet that you’ll come to love their meat-alternative products, which include pasta, jerky, and now, burgers.

Full of umami flavor and packed with vitamins, kelp has a huge benefit over other meat alternatives as well. It doesn’t require dry land or fresh water or fertilizer to grow, making it a zero-impact food that has huge upsides for the health of the planet.

Fishermen could in essence become ocean gardeners, tending plots of kelp, putting less stress on fish stocks across the globe.

The woman-owned company works with small kelp farms in Maine to sustainably harvest the kelp varietal called saccharina latissima.

They claim their new burgers aren’t trying to mimic meat the way that companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible are, but still insist the burgers will be juicy and satisfying.

We have become converts to several of the meat alternative brands, finding them tasty and hearty. We’re eager to see what kelp burgers taste like.

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From Akua:

“Kelp farming is a zero-input crop that requires no fresh water, no fertilizer, no feed, and no arid land to grow. Kelp also filters carbon and nitrogen from the water, and creates new jobs for our coastal communities. We source our seagreens from a network of regenerative ocean farms along the Northeast coast of the USA. The first seaweed we are working with is a varietal of Kelp called Saccharina Latissima.”