Apple AR Glasses Design That Steve Jobs Would Approve Of

Like it or not, the era of Augmented Reality is approaching. Companies are racing to create wearables and other technology that will augment your vision with helpful (and sometimes scary) information. The idea is that your glance at a store might pull up information about sales and store hours. Peeking at a food label might pull up recipes and additional nutrition facts. Widgets like weather, appointments, and messages might always be in your field of view. The possible applications are endless. Many of the concepts for these devices have been panned as unwieldy or just plain ugly. Google Glass, an ambitious early attempt, were seen as bulky, ugly, and an invasion of privacy, due to their always-on recording functionality.


Though Apple hasn’t announced details of their AR project, CEO Tim Cook expressed deep enthusiasm for the project. With the help of industrial designer Taeyeon Kim, we get a sense for what these glasses might look like. A stylish and realistic concept, these designs showcase circular frames with distinctive “Apple” touches, from their minimalist form, magnetic attachments, and the shades of rose gold that the company loves so much.  Via YankoDesign


“I see AR as being profound,” Cook said on the company’s first quarter earnings call on Thursday. “AR has the ability to amplify human performance instead of isolating humans. So I am a huge, huge believer in AR. We put a lot of energy on AR. We’re moving very fast.”

-Apple CEO Tim Cook