Apple’s $5 Billion Headquarters Is Finally Finished


Steve Jobs may not have been satisfied with all of Apple’s latest products and services, but we think he’d be proud of his last accomplishment as CEO. In his literal dying days, he oversaw the final design of Apple’s enormous new headquarters, known as Apple Park. Designed by famous architect Norman Foster, the building is a giant ring, made from the largest pieces of curved glass ever formed.  The building’s cost has approached $5 billion, due to the sheer size of the project, and the many firsts of the construction processes.

Larger than the Pentagon, the building’s circular shape has been known as the “Spaceship”, and thanks to Steve Jobs’ specifications, more than 80% of the headquarter’s land space is taken up by green space, including drought-resistant plants and native species.  In addition, the huge building is entirely run off of renewable energy, including a truly massive (and streamlined) solar array generating 17 megawatts of electricity.

A huge underground parking garage puts most car parking underground, with other parking garages neatly covered with solar panel shading. Over 1000 bicycles are available on campus for employee use, and many other employees will get to work on company shuttle busses.

Wallpaper Magazine has a great look at the design details that have gone into the technology giant’s new home. Love Apple or hate it, it’s hard not to be impressed by such a monumental undertaking, and a spare-no-expense design project.


Made largely of stone and glass, the building has a circular floor plan that is one mile in circumference.


The elegant and minimal Steve Jobs Theater.


Every desk in the HQ is height adjustable, and the interior is dotted with Eero Saarinen ‘Womb’ chairs.


Detail of a stairwell, formed by using molds and lightweight concrete.


The four story atrium cafeteria holds over 600 people at a time, and is populated with large indoor trees.


Glass fins protrude off of the roof, providing shading, and extra surface area for solar panels.


Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, in the new Apple Park.


Detail of the Steve Jobs Theater stairway, with an elegant recessed handrail.