Brittany Wright’s Food Gradients

Arranging foods by color is nothing new, but the way Brittany Wright does it is visually impressive, and her food-as-art style is particularly pleasing to the eye.  She’s been a visual artist for years, but has received a fair amount of Instagram fame over her arrangements. Culminating in a book that’s released this month, Wright’s work is both simple yet lasting. Via LS:


The vivid photographs in this book capture the diversity and beauty of the foods we love to eat, from heirloom tomatoes and hot peppers to ripe strawberries and frosted cupcakes. Inside, revel in the vivid neons of your favorite candies, the rich color of freshly picked greens, and the gorgeous shades you can even find in a single cup of coffee. Each exquisite, neatly ordered photograph is a pleasure to get lost in.