As the World is in Lockdown, Wild Animals Have Started Returning

Italy is experiencing its most stringent lockdown quarantine in memory, and while it has produced some charming singing from the apartment windows, it also has produced something more delightful to us.


Wild animals have begun showing up, from boars roaming the city streets, swans calmly floating where they haven’t been seen before, to now sightings of dolphins swimming in the quiet, recently clean and calm canals of Venice.

The lack of boats and people in the normally busy waterways of Venice have made the water abnormally clear and clean, and without stirred-up sediment, fish and dolphins are clearly visible. Apparently it’s the first time in 60 years that dolphins have been seen in Venice.

There’s a sense of enormous relief to see the natural world rebounding in such a stressful and emotional time. And part of us wants to know what would happen if this quarantine stayed in place for months to come.


Chances are, this crazy coronavirus episode will be behind us soon, which will certainly be a good thing. Though we’re excited to see how Mother Nature is responding to this drop in human activity. Via The Hill: