Awesome Aerials from National Geographic’s Photographer of the Year Series

National Geographic has hundreds of it’s own amazing photographers, but has also featured the work of amateur or hobbyist photographers for years. Their Nature Photographer of the Year contest is an ongoing series where photographs from a number of categories are collected and voted upon, until a single winner is declared. The aerial category has some great entries this year, here are some of our favorites. They span from soaring vertical vistas of glacial streams, to all-white canvasses speckled with trees, to bright pink lagoons of Spain. Make sure to check back on the contest to see additional entries.

National Geographic Photo contest

Holmes River, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Shane Kalyn.

National Geographic photo contest

Torrevieja Lagoon, Valencia, Spain. Photo by Wellington Rodrigues.


Visseltofta, Skane, Sweden. Photo by Anders Andersson.

National Geographic photo contest

Bongoyo Island, Tanzania. Photo by Nick J.

National Geographic photo contest

Ban Laem Tong, Krabi, Thailand. Photo by Enrico Pescantini.


Melby, Zealand, Denmark. Photo by Michael B. Rasmussen.

National Geographic photo contest.

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Alan Mansouri.