Botanical Planter Screens

These lovely botanical planter screens are meant to allow vigorous climbing vines and plants to quickly grow and inhabit them. The moveable, modern design means that you can move them around your home, bringing greenery and a pop of color where you need it. Created by Australian designer Helen Kontouris, the planters have a great contemporary shape and are sold as a set. The designer states:

“these versatile screens can be used indoors and out to bring the healing power of nature into urban environments.”


Once swathed in greenery, the ‘Waratah’ planter screen and the delicate leaf-like forms of the ‘Wattle’, ‘Acacia’, ‘Banksia’ and ‘Lilly Pilly’ can be used in virtually limitless ways as Acoustic panels and green space dividers in open plan workspaces. Screening and directional wayfinding in restaurants, cafes and foyers. Living walls in small office spaces, apartments, courtyards and balconies. Rejuvenating and acoustic panels for hospitals and healthcare environments to aid patient recovery. Dividers for outdoor spaces. Screening for pool and outdoor entertainment areas. Concealing unsightly outlooks via the assembly of mini green walls. Create a thriving vegetable garden in a small space, using climbing plants such as passionfruit, snow peas, cucumbers and climbing tomatoes.