Kiyomi’s Magical Miniatures

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know there’s a deep history of craft and attention to detail and quality there.   The time spent making items with precision and care is higher than in most western countries. So it’s fitting that these miniature scenes by artist Kiyomi are as beautiful and perfect as they are.  A hobby that has grown into quite an undertaking, Kiyomi’s work making scenes from the industrial age will often get her up at 4am, carefully crafting and assembling these miniature masterpieces. When seen on their own, the sets almost look full-size and real. It’s only when photographed on the tip of her finger that you see how tiny they really are.

Fascinating and impressive, Kiyomi’s work is inspiring for any home hobbyist, and makes us want to spend more time making our own work beautiful and precise. Via MMM:


A table full of delicious pastries and fruits look good enough to eat. An empty jar of jam and cutlery make the scenes all the more believable and lifelike.


Using her hand as scale reference, Kiyomi’s work is painstakingly detailed and impressive.


A box of unbelievably tiny macarons.


Lipstick small enough for some insects to wear.