Casa Abierta Is a Beautifully Simple Shipping Container Home

We love the simplicity and openness of this vacation home in Chile, built with shipping containers and an open sheltered roof between them.

It shows the ingenuity and resourcefulness of repurposing structures, and we imagine the popularity of shipping container homes is only going to increase.

Known as Casa Abierta, the vacation home features twin containers that are painted black and clad in timber. Large windows have been cut into the sides and ends, bringing in natural light while also offering protection from the hot Chilean summers. The interior is clean and minimal, but with a sense of warmth and comfort.

The oversized roof spans the entire space, including a large central outdoor space featuring seating, dining, and fun touches like swing chairs. Via Uncrate:

Photos: Constanza DomÍnguez Claro / Plannea Arquitectura