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Architects often create presentations and bids for projects, and are pitted against other firms to win the work. But rarely do firms get the chance to design an entire island. There was recently a winner for the South Sea Pearl Eco-Island competition. The entirely new island is to be built in the Chinese Bay of Hainan, and the proposals required housing, hotels, tourist attractions, as well as room for two cruise ships to dock. Take a look at the impressive proposal designs, including the winner, Diller, Scofidio + Benfro. Via Arch Daily, h/t to JM.
image1-2 image3 image7 image9 image13 image15_edit image19


Hong Kong is impressive, no matter how you view it. But when visually mirrored and paired with a beautiful soundtrack, it becomes something amazing. Visual Suspect created this time-lapse film entitled The Allegory of the Cave, a reference to Plato. Via Sploid:

HK1 hk2 Continue reading…

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What, pray tell, is low poly? Well, think of it as polygon renderings, on a loose and relaxed vacation. Low-poly refers to low-definition, simplistic forms. And artist Gonzalo Ausejo from Qatar has a delicious collection of renderings that DesignBoom refers to as Neon Nectar. Strangely satisfying, no? Via DesignBoom and the artist’s Behance page.

119b8222249635.5630f22935479 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-01 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-04 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-05 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-013 low-poly-fruits-gonzalo-ausejo-designboom-015

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A dance group from Japan called Elevenplay put on a spellbinding performance that combined choreographed dancing along with dozens of programmed aerial drones.  The era of dancing and artful robots looks to be upon us. Via Sploid:

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Stunning imagery, captured with great care and precision over the course of three years. Over 1 million still images were combined to create a fluid, dynamic view of Singapore, entitled The Lion City II – Majulah.
A city that is fast growing and futuristic through and through, this time-lapse presents a pretty compelling vision. Great original soundtrack, developed specifically for the video. By filmmaker Keith Loutit.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.49.16 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.49.28 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.49.37 PM copy Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.49.46 PM copy

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The fact that Swedish scientist Simon Morris has been experimenting with levitating plants sounds amazing enough on it’s own.  But now you can own one, and they are called LYFE. Consisting of a magnetically levitating planter on top of a wood base, the system is magical and endearing at the same time.

Check out LYFE on Kickstarter, to pre-order your own. Via Colossal:






LYFE planter 2

LYFE planter

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Nike iD is a really fun way to customize your kicks with just the look that suits you. This super-imaginative series by ManVsMachine celebrates the unique concept of customization and quirkiness.

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Your smartphone is very sleek. It may be cutting edge today, but these old-timers were too, in their age. In a very handsome manner, Docubyte has a look back at some of the earliest computers in a series called: Guide to Computing.  The set includes the IBM 1401 and Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE, among many others.

33_eaipace 33_endim1 33_hdr75 33_i-c-l2 33_ibm1401 33_ibm7291 33_meda 33_pilotace1

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Mother Jones has a beautiful look at some of the large-scale alternative energy projects in California, photographed in stunning black and white by Jamey Stillings. With some lingering human ignorance to climate change, it’s great to see smart people building large-scale zero emissions power plants that will serve humanity in the new century.
04_20130325_CP_01831_MJ 05_20150219_CP_07894MJ 06_20150219_CP_08867MJ 07_20150219_CP_08190MJ 08_20150219_CP_08490MJ 09_20131001_bse_11913MJ03_20130325_CP_01706MJ 10_20130904_bse_11039MJ


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If you haven’t seen Ex Machina, the sleek, futuristic thriller, put it on your shortlist. Not least of which is for the movie’s locale, deep in the wood’s at a brilliant billionaire’s lair.  It just so happens that the sleek building in the movie is a real place, the Juvet Landscape Hotel, in Northwestern Norway. For a mere 1550 NOK (about $180), you can stay in the beautifully serene hotel, looking out onto pristine wilderness, and a river snaking right by the property. Via Vanity Fair:
ex-machina-design-1 ex-machina-design-4 ex-machina-design-juvetbinary-894373-1035331 tumblr_mrlpw63xl41r5nhm8o4_1280

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