Charles Birshaw’s Topographic Coffee Tables

We love these unique coffee tables by designer Charles Birshaw, which have a realistic topographic elevation of Mount Everest. Created using recycled ocean plastic, the topography is created with a CNC machine, and then the whole thing is cased in glass.

Part of a series called Topographic Objects, Birshaw’s collection also includes a wall mounted elevation of Mount Fuji, also made with found ocean plastic.  His idea to utilize materials like recycled plastic is interesting, but works well in this project, and shows the versatility of both artist and material.

See more of Birshaw’s impressive work on his website.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

“The project stemmed from my current notion and thought process of seamlessly integrating materials that we particularly need to find a use for into lifestyle products. As opposed to the traditional design strategy to use less of a substance we need to avoid entirely.”

– Charles Birshaw


“The designs are created by collecting waste plastic, separating out the colours. Melting this down and moulding the plastic to create blocks of varying sizes. The topographic maps of each famous land mass are then either cut out of the block using a CNC milling machine or compression moulded before being finished and cased in glass.”