Cole Haan’s Latest Shoes Utilize ‘Flowerfoam’ Made from Dandelions

Dandelion rubber was used during World War II, when the military needed all the traditional rubber they could get their hands on.

Believe it or not, the white milky liquid inside a dandelion is a form of latex, and can be used to make eco rubber. Now that same principle is being used to create eco-friendly rubber for shoes.

It’s called FlowerFoam, and Cole Haan has used it in their latest line of shoes, dubbed Zero Grand II.

Via Fast Company:

“Cole Haan used a patent-pending process to convert dandelions into rubber that’s mixed into its EVA foam midsole (the chunky, bouncy bottom of a sneaker made of high-tech plastics). This “FlowerFoam” makes up at least 25% of the shoe’s midsole.”