Earth Day 2020

Today is the 50th anniversary of the very first Earth Day.

We can’t say that fifty years later, we are living in a world of peace and harmony, let alone natural bliss and ecosystem balance.

How ironic that we are wearing masks, fifty years later.

Indeed, many parts of the world are in peril. Ecosystems are collapsing, species are going extinct at an alarming, and even record-breaking pace.

There’s a LOT to be worried about. As humans continue to colonize and overtake the natural world, we are learning the painful lessons from our own ignorance. We are learning that for every jungle we destroy, every river we poison, and every animal we kill, there’s a price.

Honestly, we could write for quite some time about the problems and issues that plague our fragile planet. But we’re hoping to salvage some of that doom and gloom.

Indeed, even in the midst of global human pandemic, we see signs that the natural world can heal itself, (and quickly!) when we give it space.

Our hope would be that we rise from the 2020 Coronavirus event a smarter and more wise species. Perhaps the fear and pain and hardship can be turned into positive energy, and some of our worst habits can be curbed.

And our hope for the planet is this: Though our immediate future will be shaped by the effects of climate change, earth will persevere, adapting to new normals, and forcing us to examine our own footprints, working toward a more harmonious and optimist future.

Here’s to a better, more healthy, and brighter future. Happy 50th Earth Day. 🌎