Elegant, Modern Whidbey Island Home

Seattle-based MW WORKS Architecture+Design is responsible for this classically modern home on a still-working farm on Whidbey Island, Washington. Inspired by the legends of contemporary architecture, the home’s clean lines and floor-to-ceiling windows create a beautiful shell that lets the natural surroundings in.

Created for a family that has farmed the adjacent land for generations, the home is meant to be a modern refuge for an extended family, while paying respect to the land it sits on.  Overlooking a valley with the family’s historic red barn, we find the design and build exceptionally tasteful and refined, using local red cedar for the exterior, and stone from a nearby quarry. The stretched-out dimensions give a linear quality to the layout, and large glass expanses welcome in natural light and views of the forest and surrounding hillsides of the Puget Sound.

Via The Cool Hunter: