Erode Soap Is Irregularly Shaped on Purpose

Beautifully designed soap from UMÉ that has organically shaped ridges that slowly wear down as you use it. Both an ergonomic and tactile design, the soap, called Erode, allows you to take a swipe with your fingers as you wash your hands.

The large shape is meant to last, and is made of natural oils and scents, and a mineral-rich clay.

Scents include cardamom coffee, white grapefruit, cedar sandalwood, lemongrass, cardamom vetiver and chamomile. There’s an accompanying large button dish that is sold separately.  From $48.


A tactile object by nature, the Erode Soap Summit Series becomes one of desire and play, adding a different kind of beauty to the daily ritual of bathing. Each organic soap is poured and cast by hand, so that the scents and botanic ingredients are revealed in layers, carefully chosen to blend together.