Every Single Piece of Clothing They Own

In a visually hilarious yet brilliant series, Canadian photographer Libby Oliver showcases figures wearing every single piece of clothing they own.  Entitled Soft Shells, the series is deeper than it might seem, as Oliver describes the thought process behind the seemingly lighthearted project. Both a reflection of consumerism and a way to showcase the elements of a person’s style, Soft Shells is more than just comically draping someone in piles of clothes.  The photos become reflections on personality, attainment, collection, and status, while also creating a sense of anonymity that hides the faces from view. Fascinating art, via Chew on This Art:

“Clothing grounds us to our notions of self and works to cue others to our chosen identity narrative.”


“Our garments work to project the uniqueness of our identity while simultaneously seeking approval and acceptance into various social groups.

What we wear is thus both an exercise in our creative individual autonomy and a system of social surveillance and categorization.”