From Sand To Sound – 3D Printed Speaker


3D printing has evolved to a place where new devices and experiences can be imagined and designed out of all types of materials.

Take this beautiful little sound system, called the Ionic, designed by Czech design studio DEEPTIME. Created using porous sand, the team set out to make a beautiful and highly functional sound system, and the resulting shell shape is the result of exhaustive planning and testing.

Creators Martin Hřeben and Ondřej Chotovinský settled on the conch shape after finding its properties and form created excellent acoustics.


Via DesignBoom:

“design means looking for the form that reflects the nature and function of the product and builds on the benefits of the newest available technologies. we don’t want just to embellish existing standard solutions. instead, we employ organic shapes designed to enhance the sound quality” explains martin Hřeben. “we find inspiration mainly in nature. all shapes in the natural world are functional in one way or another. you’ll have a hard time finding regular cube or box shapes in nature,” adds Ondřej Chotovinský.


Limited to 1600 sets, you’d better be ready to shell out – no pun intended. Starting at $1000.