Gabriel Scanu’s Vibrant Aerial Views

gabscanu moss and fog 2

Utilizing both drones and helicopters, Gabriel Scanu manages to spend a lot of time way up in the Australian air, looking down at the beautiful surf below. His views of Bronte Beach, outside of Sydney, are gorgeous, the surf a brilliant turquoise color, and the beachgoers reduced to ant-sized specs, leaving trails of footprints in the sand. He also features work in Miami and California, and it’s fun to compare the vibrant beaches in his gallery. The magic of aerial photography is the way it simplifies and turns complex landscapes into textures and forms. It makes us very eager for summer, and to hit the sand. Beautiful work, via Instagram:

gabscanu moss and fog 1

gabscanu moss and fog 3gabscanu moss and fog 4gabscanu moss and fog 5gabscanu moss and fog 6