GaeaStar’s Zero Waste Disposable Clay Cups Can Replace Single Use

In an era where terms like ‘fully recyclable’ and ‘industrial composting’ are common, it’s the sad truth that single use cups like coffee cups are rarely actually recycled, and are instead tossed in landfills shortly after use. 500 billion single use cups are thrown away every year, a figure that is staggering, and clearly, unsustainable. Take the standard to-go coffee cup. It’s paper, lined with plastic, so it doesn’t leak. The average cup takes over 100 years to biodegrade.

GaeaStar is a company that wants to help solve this dilemma, with a truly novel solution. Utilizing 3D printing, the company uses just clay, water, and a bit of salt to create a thin yet strong and elegant cup. They call the solution geo-neutral.

“Made with only clay, water, salt, and a bit of energy, these thin, elegant cups are the future of sustainable single-use cups. They come in 3 different sizes in terracotta colour. Good for ice cream, fruit, salads, and tapas. They can be branded too.”


With a thin, elegant terracotta construction, the cups can easily hold hot or cold beverages, and have a much more refined and upscale feel than a traditional paper cup.

Tested at cafes and ice cream shops in Berlin, Germany, the cups can be printed on demand in a stunningly quick 10 seconds, and when done, the cups can be thrown out or even smashed, without fear of polluting the environment.

Available in select Verve coffeeshops in California later this year, the technology and materials are compelling, with a product that is more desirable than the traditional disposable, but with none of the downsides of eco-alternatives.

Learn more about GaeaStar on their website.

Via Cnet:

GaeaStar calls their products geo-neutral, made from clay, water, and salt, which have no negative impact on the environment.

“We eliminate the need for recycling with our clay cups, which have no impact on the environment. They come from earth and return to earth in essentially the same form.”