Gluten-Free Life. Your GF Dining Guide.

I’ve been spending some time lately improving my dining guide,

It is certainly a long work-in-progress, but it has increased in popularity over the last several months, and I have been contacted by various restaurateurs, as well as people living a Gluten-Free life, and want more out of the site.

So, look for the site to improve dramatically over the next six months. It is going to be streamlined, more pretty, more functional, and more useful!

I also want to increase traffic in a big way, so if you’d be so kind, link your blog to mine, and I’ll be sure to do the same.

And especially for those of you living a Gluten-Free diet, or interested in one, let me know what type of features or functionality you’d like to see on the site!

Thanks again!


GlutenFree Astronaut.