Gulf Islands House In British Columbia Is Only Reachable by Ferry


The AA Robins Architect’s Gulf Islands house is pretty darn badass. It could be summed up with eloquent adjectives, but let’s keep it short and sweet. Accessible only by ferry. Set amongst the forest, directly on the water. Elevated views. Multiple pools. And a 30-foot slide. Need we say more? Ok, ok, we’ll describe a bit more.


The sleek exterior is cut at dramatic angles, and elevated to best take in the surrounding beauty. Its rusted steel exterior helps it appear more organic in form, and it’s interior is full of innovative design elements. It definitely feels like the architects were having a lot of fun while designing the 6,500 square foot, single family home.


Need an escape slide? Say no more. In-ground hot tub? Sure!


One of the home’s bedrooms has a bed that rolls onto the adjoining deck for perfect stargazing at night.


Great views of the rocky shores outside of Vancouver, B.C.


The home has a faceted, linear design, hugging the coastline, and taking advantage of natural light whenever possible.


Not a bad place to hang out, if you ask us. Photos by Ema PeterVia Knstrct: