Iceland Versus Namibia – Two Wildly Different Yet Similar Landscapes

We find ourselves gravitating towards a few specific countries in our quest to share beauty from around the world. A few of these countries have come up so often that we feel like they’re playing with us.

The stunning, alien landscapes of Iceland never cease to amaze us, with their grey, craggy landscapes dotted with acid green lichen and moss. Similarly, Namibia, in Southern Africa stuns us with vast sand dunes, and ancient trees that come alive at nighttime under incredible stars. Here are two collections shown together, proving that very different geographic regions share a beautiful topographical wonder, and inspire us to travel more.  The series of Namibian images are from Leah Kennedy, and do a lovely job showing the way light dances off of the massive sand dunes, creating elegant curving shadows.

The Iceland landscapes are equally breathtaking, showcasing the organic flows and dramatic color contrasts of the still-evolving landscapes. Captured by Stas Bartnikas, his series is impressive for it’s vastness and range of textures that are shown.

In the end, the idea of a “Versus” is silly, as these are both striking and beautiful countries, full of natural beauty that seeps out every pore. Regardless of where you choose to travel, neither of these destinations will disappoint.