Katalis Spacebar Scooter Brings Futuristic-Boxy Design

Born from the pages of a Japanese Manga and anime book, the Katalis Spacebar is a retro-futuristic electric scooter that is as chunky and boxy as it is cute.

We appreciate the utilitarian, boxy form, and the way the scooter almost looks like something from a sci-fi movie set.

With a 1200w hub-mounted motor, the little scooter has a 37 mile range, and can reach speeds of up to 31 MPH. Seems like plenty for running errands in your Blade Runner metropolis.

“When we are typing on a computer or laptop, the way we open up space in between texts is by pressing the spacebar,” Katalis says by means of explaining the name of the moped. “Spacebar is able to maneuver through the busy streets of the capital city, to support its rider’s daily commute. Yes, it is small but fierce, like a piece of chili. We designed Spacebar specifically for youngsters who desire agility in their daily activities.”