Keep Dreaming

I’ve always been fascinated with designers who push limits far beyond the need of society. Designers with the courage, foolishness or brashness to buck the norm, and think and design without constraints. It’s these designers who inspire the designers that are more grounded in reality. Perhaps the nature of their absurd or far-fetched visions is the draw, but whatever the case, I’ve been an enormous fan of this “crazy bunch”.  Their work has inspired NASA to dream of colonies in space

Via Dark Roasted Blend, here is a collection of architectural renderings that push boundaries of physics, engineering, and imagination.

“Metropolis” helped to usher in a fantastic view of the future, way back in the 1920s. Though somewhat dystopian in its cold efficiency, Metropolis did indeed inspire legions of designers to imagine supercities, mass transit options, and an impressive future for architecture.

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