LEGO Bring’s Van Gogh’s Most Famous Work To Life in 3D Brick Form

We’ve seen LEGO branch out into some interesting areas lately, from intricate 2D portraits to vibrant bouquets of realistic flowers.

With Van Gogh’s Starry Night, we see one of the most famous paintings of all time brought to life in brick form.

Created in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art, the 2,300-piece set not only does the painting justice, but adds dimensionality, making it come to life in fascinating ways.

We love the way the swirls and stars pop against the sky, with the buildings adding a whole new mood to the painting. A Van Gogh minifigure completes the scene, on a swiveling pedestal.

The whole set can be hung on the wall, giving you an appreciation of both art and LEGO.

Available on the LEGO website, $170.