Look Like a Pre-War Villain in this Montage EV

Electric vehicles are becoming commonplace, with over 100 models worldwide to choose from. Nearly all of them have a contemporary or even futuristic look to them. We are living in the 2020s, after all.

However, there’s a certain appeal to throwback, vintage styling, as we’ve seen in a few companies that are retrofitting or rebuilding vintage cars with EV powertrains.

The Montage EV from Alpha Motors takes this idea even a step further, creating a car that has 1930s design lines, with all the modern amenities and features you might expect from a new car.

With over 250 miles range, a hand-built body, and an insane 2,640 lb-ft of torque, the Montage joins the Ace, Jax, and Wolf pickup as part of Alpha Motors unique take on electric vehicles.

To look like a retro-futuristic gangster, you’d better be willing to pay at least $499,000 to drive away in the Montage. Very limited supply and an overwhelming positive response makes the Montage a hot ticket. ⚡⚡

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