All Electric Vintage Style Mustang by Charge

We’re at an interesting milestone, where electrification of cars is starting to pick up pace, yet the love of all things vintage remains.

There have been a number of companies that are trying to straddle that line, creating one-off versions of classic cars with electric drivetrains.

This all-electric vintage Mustang is the latest, created by a company called Charge.

Based on the 1967 Mustang body style, this iconic shape and presence is met by all the modern amenities and technology that you’d expect in 2022.

Indeed, the classic shape has been entirely reimagined to be sleek, luxurious and clean, while also retaining that much-loved silhouette made famous by movies like Bullitt with Steve McQueen.

Limited to 499 cars, the ultra-exclusive electric Mustang by Charge will also be ultra-expensive.  Based in London, the company is reserving orders now, from £350,000, or $460,000. Via Uncrate:

From Charge:

“The luxury bespoke interiors, rich in ambience and detail, provide a modern high-end driving experience for connoisseurs of speed and technology. Equipped with state-of-the-art components and a personalised digital interface, these classic vehicles are back to cutting edge once again.

The price for this model starts at £350,000 and varies upon options and accessories included.”