Madagascar’s Otherworldly Stone Forest

Madagascar is the world’s oldest island, and an amazing place for exploring, due to it’s unique flora and fauna that have evolved over millions of years.  It’s the only place in the world where lemurs live, and it has a number of jaw-dropping natural wonders found only there. Take the stone forest, which has been formed over millennia. It’s jagged peaks are otherworldly, and a visit there will transport you to a beautifully foreign land that juts out of the landscape like an eruption. It was formed by rain slowly washing down it’s peaks to dagger like points. It’s fair to say you don’t want to fall while exploring this beautifully dangerous outcropping.

Great Big Story has a lovely little look at this amazing place. Take a look.

Photos by Stephen Alvarez, Pierre Koval, and Luc V. de Zeeuw.