Heidi Klum Wins Halloween Again, This Time By Transforming Herself Into a Giant Worm

Heidi Klum, the German American supermodel, is known for making a splash with her over-the-top Halloween costumes. In true originality fashion, she eschews ‘sexy versions’ of costumes, and goes for something truly unique and unexpected.

In years past she’s shown up to events (or her own parties) as Fiona from Shrek, a gigantic butterfly, a wildly-realistic version of herself as an elderly woman, and even Michael Jackson from Thriller. Vogue UK has a great collection of her past costumes, going back twenty years.

This time she spent nearly two years perfecting her craziest costume yet: an earthworm.

The concept was a challenge for her and her design team, creating a wriggly worm that was both hyper-realistic and able to be worn properly. Working with make-up artist Mike Marino and his team at Prosthetic Renaissance, they created a segmented worm costume that Klum could peer out of with an amazingly integrated face-piece.

Klum, unexpectedly, made a splash with the costume, and even took interviews laying on her side in traditional worm fashion.

All photos © Copyright Saul Appelbaum.