Minima Tiny Home Is an Australian Modernist Escape

Making a tiny home not seem like a penalty or a sacrifice is a tough task. Cleverly fitting the essentials of living into a compact form can be challenging, and usually sacrifices design or quality. The Minima aims to buck those trends, with a sleek, modern aesthetic that is prefabricated for precision and repeatability.

Designed by Australian firm TRIAS in collaboration with FABPREFAB, the Minima is 215 square feet, and features high quality cypress cladding and cross-laminated timber interior, with clever storage and built in seating.

A queen size bed folds down from the wall and reveals additional lighting. Everything has a spare and clean aesthetic, removing clutter and making the small space feel larger than it is.

Instead of a traditional concrete slab, the dwelling is attached to the ground with a special ‘ground screw’ that makes it faster and easier to setup, and makes relocation far easier.

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