Minimalist Ovoid Sports Dome


This smooth ovoid shaped sports hall is minimal to the extreme, with clean lines and spare details that elevate rather than complicate.  The architects wanted to create a structure that looked smaller than it actually was, and they’ve succeeded, with a form that seems to blend into the environment well, and hide it’s cavernous interior space. Created for a primary school in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic, architecture firm Sporadical made sure to keep things as clean inside as they are outside. Really nice work, via Ignant:


The color and material palette inside is as thoughtful as it is neutral, keeping things minimal yet elegant.


“The dome draws the scale closer to humans, the metallic surface mirrors the surroundings, while the borders of the sky and of the roof remain blurred. The building camouflages its real dimensions and looks smaller than it is in reality.”