Minimalist Tiny House a Zen Escape in the Oregon Forest

Zen escapes are becoming popular for our stressful and busy times.

Woodlands Hideout is a miniature, modern cabin in Sandy, Oregon that is rentable for a forest escape.

At just 190 square feet, it definitely falls into the category of “tiny house”, but feels like the perfect getaway and features all the essentials for a cozy weekend in the woods.


The designer Rico Castilerro describes it:

“The intention was to hone in on a space that is more set up for a solo disconnect retreat. It was about creating a space that felt safe enough and had a certain comfort level. But it was also about trying to create a space that was accessible, meaning you didn’t have to bring a bunch of gear to disconnect. And then also thinking about creating a space that would allow for extended stays, leaning toward creatives and artists looking for a space to disconnect, furthering their journey and art. I feel like it helps humanity produce more beautiful things. So that connection was pretty foundational: setting up a space that could work in all seasons. It bridges this gap between the rustic experience in nature and having all the comforts and amenities of a hotel.”

This type of miniature minimalist escape is known as ‘forest bathing’:

“In Japan, however, the practice of consciously immersing oneself in nature has a name and is at the heart of the concept of “forest bathing” (or shinrin-yoku). Forest bathing is essentially a form of nature therapy, wherein one mindfully “bathes” the senses with natural stimuli like sounds, sights, and smells from the forest or other nature settings.”