MobED is a New Mobility Platform from Hyundai

Mobile Eccentric Droid or MobED is a platform from Hyundai Robotics that demonstrates their prowess in the world of mobility and stability.

The oversized skateboard design has three motors on each wheel, allowing for wide ranges of motion while staying extremely stabile and agile. The vehicle’s suspension and wheel movement allows for unique configurations, pointing to applications like package delivery, baby stroller capability and more.

It’s a unique take on the world of robotics, and opens ideas for all sorts of applications.


“Introducing a new mobility platform, MobED that overcomes the limitations of existing indoor guide and service robots.”

Via Laughing Squid:

It is also equipped with “eccentric wheel drive” and three motors on each wheel, all of which allow for extreme stability in any situation.

The intelligent design arrangement of each wheel featuring an individual power and steering control system enables in-place rotation and omnidirectional movement, which allows for highly effective mobility even in narrow situations. The eccentric mechanism-based posture control system also stabilizes the body attitude by adjusting the height of each wheel according to the ground environment. The MobED’s 12-inch pneumatic tires further help to absorb bumps and vibrations.