Montreal’s Biodôme Shows How to Properly Retrofit Former Olympic Venues

There are countless examples of former Olympic venues left to fester and fall apart, despite millions of dollars spent designing and developing them.  It’s a huge waste of resources, especially when cities are hungry for innovative infrastructure.

Luckily, there are examples like the Biodôme in Montreal, formerly an Olympic sports venue, which have been radically transformed into something beautiful and special. Part of the 1976 Summer Olympics, the domed structure has captured the imagination of Montreal’s residents for decades.

The complex just went through a massive overhaul, where engineers restored some of the dome’s former glory, exposing its massive concrete arches and impressive canopy, originally designed by French architect Roger Taillibert.

The Biodôme is now home to a range of nature and animal exhibits, from a tropical rainforest to an arctic adventure, complete with an entranceway made of ice. Much care has been made to make the various exhibits as realistic as possible, representing Canada’s various climate zones.

The renovation by Kanva Architects has turned this space from a unique one into one of marvel and awe, capturing the soaring heights of the architecture, while bringing exciting natural exhibits to life.

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