More Ultraviolet Flowers From Craig Burrows

In this first photo below, we see a split screen of the same plants, showcasing the normal light (on the right), and the special ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence photography (on the left).

This ultraviolet light gives plants an amazing alien-like quality, and photographer Craig Burrows takes full advantage of it with his beautiful shots. (Check out his earlier work here).  We love the delicate glow, and the way this special method highlights certain areas of the plant. Via Colossal:


Ultraviolet light on the left, normal light on the right.


Plants come alive in new and fascinating ways with this ultraviolet light.


Fantastic details glow and emerge


It’s fascinating to see familiar plants in new and exciting ways


The glow of the petals really shine in this light



A long delicate tendril glows under ultraviolet light